Services & Prices

Training & Coaching

Individual Training & Coaching - Package: 75€ per appointment (at least 6 appointments) 

Individual training on a bi-weekly, weekly or several times per week basis, tailored to the respective human-dog-team.

Individual Training & Coaching - One-off: 90€ per appointment 

Individual training as one-off appointment, tailored to the respective human-dog-team.

Dog Walking-Service 

(HR- & Reactive Dogs)

Dog Walking Service & Activities - Subscription: 75€/60min, 40€/30min

Individual walking service on a bi-weekly, weekly or several times a week basis for so called high-risk-breeds and reactive dogs including individual activities.

Nutrition & Health Advice

Gesundheitsföderndes Hundefutter

Nutrition plan in case of illness: 185,- €

Overweight, underweight or diabetes can be influenced directly through food, but the treatment of kidney or joint diseases, for example, can also be effectively supported with the right diet.

Nutrition plan veggie / vegan: 145,- €

Based on your dog's individual requirements, we will create a purely vegan or vegetarian nutrition plan as desired. With fresh ingredients and a clear conscience, you can feed your dog a completely healthy and balanced diet in the future.

Biologisches Frischfutter für Hunde

Nutrition plan classic: 145,- €

We create a weekly plan that is considering the individual nutrient needs based on your questionnaire information (characteristics such as race, age, BCS, etc.) and your feeding preferences (BARF, mixed food, ...).

Elimination diet: 165,- €

Allergies or chronic inflammation are usually fueled by a few foods. Using an elimination diet, these foods are identified and a plan for a balanced and well tolerated diet is created.

welches Hundefutter ist gesund

Ration examination: 65,- €/h

Your dog's current diet is analyzed to identify too much or too little of the individual nutritional components.

Diätplan für übergewichtigen Hund

Health advice: 65,- €/h

For illnesses such as obesity, allergies, organ diseases, etc. we offer a detailed

  • Analysis of current diet
  • Anamnese (check of medical history: symptoms, blood-, fur-, feces-screens)
  • Definition of an action plan (nutrition plan, elimination diet, examinations, etc.).



All services are available as vouchers (or free choice of voucher amount). Contact us for further info or order.