Sustainable & Plantbased

Food is a basic need of every individual. It keeps us alive, gives us energy, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and triggers various central processes in the body. A healthy diet keeps the body in balance and has a positive effect on the psyche.

With sustainable and largely plant-based food, we ensure an optimal balance of body and mind, and of our - dog-rich - society with our environment.

diätplan für meinen Hund


We believe that the right diet has a fundamental impact on any human or canid health and psych. And we believe that any being is connected to the world and is supposed to be treated with respect. 
With more than 65 million dogs in Europe the dog food industry also has a massive impact on our ecological footprint.
Therefore our nutrition philosophy is totally based on the needs of the individual dog while at the same time considering finity of resources and ethical treatment of livestock. 

  • We create our diet plans with an adequate balance of animal and plant products, with animal product being used as much as necessary, as little as possible, specific for each dog.

  • We offer seasonal influenced plans that do not force you buying strawberries in winter, pumpkin in spring and pastinake in summer, but respecting what organic and sustainable farming provides.

  • We are happy to consult you on finding the perfect supplier complementing your needs.


Dogs have been alongside humans for 15,000 years and have evolved with them. Our domestic dogs today, as diverse as they are in their form and behavior, are anatomically and physiologically without exception omnivores.
Like humans, dogs can easily eat a purely plant-based diet. And as with humans, an unhealthy diet is not due to the type of diet, but purely to the quality of the diet.

  • A healthy diet is balanced and as fresh as possible, regardless of whether it is based on purely plant or also animal sources. We therefore recommend that all dogs be fed fresh food as far as possible or as a mixed diet in combination with wet food.

  • A healthy dog can be fed a plant-based diet without restrictions. This diet is even beneficial for a variety of diseases. But there are also cases in which consciously a diet containing animal products should be chosen.

  • We look at each dog individually and develop an optimal nutrition plan based on your wishes.