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Why your dog needs more...

...than love, a walk in the park and canned food.

He can make you laugh, he can comfort you, he is there whenever you need him. The only thing your best buddy cannot do, is tell you what he needs: 
Love and cuddles, for sure. Fun walks and playtime, as well. Also a cozy and safe place to rest. What else? 

A balanced healthy diet to keep your best buddy fit to enjoy the world!
So it`s on you to reflect what appropriate, needs-based dog nutrition means and what works best for your dog in particular.

Hence fresh food...

How to feed my dog?

You will get answers to all your questions on dog health via our Health advice.
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Challenges of common feeding methods:

The last decades have made our lives so much easier. Opening cans instead of cooking, storing and freezing instead of making a dish out of what is in season.
It`s convenient, it`s fast, but it unfortunately is not good for the health. Neither is it for the resources we use. 

Pre-cut, pre-mixed, pre-cooked and finally cooled or canned products are not only poor in important nutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids), but are almost always based on preservatives, use dyes or flavor enhancers. These are often suspected of not only promoting but also causing cancer and other diseases.

At the same time is the attitude of having every product avalaible at any given time during the year jeopardizing with the health of our planet. Further harm to our environment leads sooner then later to an increase in global crises, social inequalities, animal extinction and shortage of resources.

Thats why we are amazed and grateful that more and more people develop a new health awareness and nutrition philosophy.

Great if you already like to prepare food for yourself, fresh, with products from organic farming, low sugar, and balanced by bringing a variety of groceries into your diet.

But what to do with your dog? Again, fresh ingredients play an important role. But while we feel what is good for us directly, when it comes to our dogs we have to learn about their basic needs.

Dog diet consulting gives an overview of essential nutrients in dog diets, the needs in a balanced carnivore menu and an understanding of the biggest risks in individual food supply. 

We cannot eliminate environmental effects to our dogs. Especially in city life dogs do experience stress, radiation and exposure to chemicals (such as spot ons or cleaning agents). 
Food cannot cure it all - but with the right diet we can strengthen the immune system, support the organism and prevent diseases caused by an inadequat diet and food deficites.

Over- or underweight, a thin, dull coat, hair loss and digestion problems are signs of an unbalanced diet. But also inertia, aggressiveness, diabetes and thyroid problems are often resulting from the wrong food.
Recognizing all the signs early is often difficult, but a look at the daily menu gives us an unerring picture of your dog´s condition.
If all needs are met, you have the best chance of a long, healthy life side by side with your best buddy.

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