About us

Why we do what we do

Sometimes to follow your passion it takes a life changing experience. Ours listened to the name Mowgli.

Mowgli was the dog that, many many years ago, made a young couple a family. The dog nobody wanted, because he was difficult, he wasn`t socialized and he was missing a leg, came into our lives like a bulldozer.
Not only did he make us a family, he also showed us what is really important: Keeping you and your loved ones healthy and enjoy life together.

With the special treatment his physical disability required over the years we learned about bodyphysics, various types of pain therapy and last but not least dieting.
Keeping a proud and hungry Cane Corso slim enough for a joyful life on 3 legs, while giving him all essential nutrients he needs, was a tightrope.
And experiencing that not every dog is made for busy environments or has the intrinsic motivation to be everybody`s darling was quite an eye opener.

Till today we are grateful for the amazing support and expertise from our knowledgible dog dietist Steffi Wieland (www.matzundmoeter.de), physio expert Kiki Häusler (www.hundephysiotherapie-in-stuttgart.de) and the whole team at the vet practice of Petra Morlock (https://www.docmorlock.de/) in Stuttgart. Only with their untiring support, plus all the love we had, fun walks, buddy time with his best pals and a balanced diet, combined with his molosser typical stubbornness, Mowgli stayed with us many more years than anybody had expected. We miss him every day. But we know he had the best life he could have had.

gesundes Spezialfutter für Hunde

The more we had to learn in our life with Mowgli, the more we found out, how much healing power lies in food and individual training. And all of a sudden it became clear that our different backgrounds, Philip as dedicated chef and passionate about food and Kim being fascinated about dog behaviour and intrinsic motivation, created the best base to learn about health, dieting and dog training.

We think about our best buddy Mowgli, who had to leave us in 2017, every single day and thanks to him today are certified and passionate dog diet consultants and dog trainers - because we are convinced 

  • that as we brought dogs in ours lives, we owe them healthy food, 
  • and that everybody who allows a dog steal his heart, deserves the longest healthy and happy life with his best friend.

Infos & Certificates

zertifizierter Hundeernährungsberater

Dog nutritionists

In 2016 and 2019 we got trained as certified dog dietists at G&H Seminare Tierernährung (www.tierernaehrungsberater.de).

gesundes Hundefutter selbst machen

Dog health coaches

In 2019 an expert training over more than 9 months intense studies was added.

Individueller Ernährungsplan

Food experts

All our knowledge is based on a fundamental understanding of food, ingredients and digestible and gentle processing.

Holistic consultants

Health always requires a holistic view. In 2021 we therefore successfully completed the Holistic Health education.

Dog trainer

Behavior, well-being, health: A 15-month training as canine instructor at Martin Gaus Academy (www.martingausacademie.nl) helped us to fully understand this triad and be able to provide optimal support.

We are Philip & Kim

Today we live with three dogs in the Netherlands and hope for many more years together with Nala, Snow and Amy. Our passion is to enable dogs to live long, healthy lives with their families and to make their people more aware of their needs.