Individual Training & Coaching


Dog and owner are a unique team. We take this into account.
During a home visit or a walk together, we will address the unused potential in the relationship between you and your dog. Our training is based on the well-being of the dog, the joy of working together and only uses positive, reward-based training methods.

Training content

As certified dog trainer, I accompany you in shaping and combining upbringing and relationship. The focus is on having fun while learning together; while breed-specific and individual preferences of the dog form the basis of the training.

Possible training content can be:

  • Basics of positive training
  • Basics of clicker training
  • Race-specific activities
  • Interactive walks
  • Basic signals and relaxed togetherness
  • Understand body language
  • and much more

In a free introductory appointment, we discuss your wishes and your dog's needs and we check whether everyone involved feels it is a match.


Training sessions always take place as individual trainings. Place and time by arrangement.
You can book training sessions as a one-off or as a subscription every 14 days, weekly or several times a week.

  • Usual length 45 minutes, deviations possible.
  • Package price applies to at least 6 appointments from the first appointment.
  • If you wish, you will receive a written summary and training plan.


  • One-off appointments: €90 per appointment
  • Package: €75 per appointment (at least 6 appointments)
  • Overdrafts, with mutual agreement, will be billed with €15 per full quarter.
  • Travel up to 20km included.
  • Potential parking fees in the case of home visits exclusive.