diet plan for my dog

What we believe in

Nutrition is a basic need of every individuum. It keeps us alive, brings us energy, vitamines, minerals, aminoacids and triggers various essential processes in the body.

fresh ingredients

We believe that the right diet has a fundamental impact on any human or canid health and psych. And we believe that any being is connected to the world and is supposed to be treated with respect. 
Therefore our nutrition philosophy is totally based on the needs of the individual dog while at the same time considering finity of resources and ethical treatment of livestock. 

  • We create our diet plans with an adequate balance of animal and plant products, with animal product being used as much as necessary, as little as possible, specific for each dog.

  • We offer seasonal influenced plans that do not force you buying strawberries in winter, pumpkin in spring and pastinake in summer, but respecting what organic and sustainable farming provides.

  • We are happy to consult you on finding the perfect supplier complementing your needs.