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Health advice, especially for pets, is a luxury that you can't just invest in in everyday life? Well, yes, it's luxury AND it's still so important. So why not make this luxury a gift? All services are available as vouchers (or free choice of voucher amount). Contact us for further info or order. 

Organic fresh food for dogs

Diet analysis and plan 

Your dog`s current diet is analyzed to identify shortages or overdoses. We create a weekly plan that is considering the individual nutrient needs based on your questionnaire information (characteristics such as race, age, BCS, etc.)

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Diet plan seasons best 

Regional and seasonal food is your way to treat our world with respect and sustain its beauty and resources? We will create a diet plan in seasonal variations, always based on individual nutrient needs, but in line with what can currently be harvested out of your own backyard.

Diet plan plant based

Based on the individual demand of your dog we develop a plant based weekly plan, either purely vegan or veggie according to your preferences. You will be feeding your dog with fresh ingredients and a clean conscience in a completely healthy and balanced way. 

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Buddy´s Q&A 

As an add on to our diet plan we offer a 45 minutes Q&A. We will provide you with explanation on various diet aspects, consequences of unbalanced menus and cover your individual preferences.

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Health advice  

For diseases such as overweight, allergies, organ problems, etc. we look into a detailed
- analysis of current diet
- anamnese (symptoms, blood-, fur-, feces-screens)
- definition of an action plan (diet plan, exclusion diet, screens, etc.).  
Direct and potentially multiple contact might be required to check on your dog`s condition and development. 

dieting advice for dogs

General remarks

Any consultancy is chargeable. A standard diet plan is based on the information we receive from you via the questionnaire. After payment receipt we provide the defined services.
If we while studying your information identify your dog`s health might have more particular needs, we will get in contact with you to discuss further steps and hourly rates. 
We are more then happy to answer any questions.

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