How to diet your dog

Veggie, vegan, biological, seasonal, low carb, paleo - just a few of the diets and food beliefs that are currently out there. People are more aware about what they are eating. 
Which is good. It`s actually awesome. 
We do not want to judge here what is the right diet for you, but if you care about which food keeps you healthy, you should also think about what keeps your dog healthy. 
And this is where we come in. 

balanced dog nutrition
biological fresh dog food

Dog diet - what´s that?

You want to change from dry or canned food to a fresh diet and are searching for a guideline how to barf?
Your dog is picky or maybe always hungry?
Your dog slowly develops a grey snout and you want to keep him as fit as possible?
You want your dog to stay healthy and want to activly prevent diseases?

We can help! 
Based on your information we create an individual diet for your dog, that makes very concious use of all ingredients.

Your buddy goes bananas-diet plan consists of 7 menus, one for each day. 
Every menu contains animal products like meat, bowels, eggs, as well as plant components such as rice, potatoes, veggies and is topped with supplements for the needs that cannot be covered without him chewing on your neighbours cat ;)
In addition you will receive options for snacks and goodies from yoghurt, cheese, fruits but also pig ears, ostriches or other animal chewing products.

You have a favorite product you do not want to renounce? We will consider it in the menus. That way your dog keeps a balanced diet and body weight without sacrificing, totally based on your personal preferences.

Order here the buddy goes bananas-diet plan specific for your dog:

healthy food against diseases

Let food be thy medicine*

Your dog shows intolerances or allergies?
Your dog`s body overweight reached a dangerous level that brings sequelae?
Your dog has abnormal blood levels or is already on medication?
Your dog is suffering from a disease?

Finding the right diet is essential for any challenge to the organism.
We will analyze the history of veterinarian findings and blood results as well as the current state of your dog.

If your dog suffers from or is on the edge of a nutritionally caused disease, we will counteract with an exclusion diet, ease symptoms and fight the illness.

If your dog suffers from or is at risk of a non nutritionally caused disease, we will support him with a diet to strengthen immune system and organs and put him in the best possible state for the organism to focus on healing.

In any case we ask you to consult your trusted vet for a checkup of your dog`s general condition, for a potentially relevant blood check or further therapy or medication.

Together we fight diseases for a long and happy dog`s life.


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